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{DeFi} Anonymous investment in
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a Metamask wallet will be enough.
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You can also use BUSD, USDT, and USDC stablecoins without limits.
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Invite friends and get 0.5% of their daily purchases on their balance
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The future depends on what we do in the present

Stop tracking the price, because 95% of investors lose their investment when they try to trade. We stand for HOLD (storage) and price averaging due to daily purchases of cryptocurrency.

Join now! Be among the 5% of the right investors.

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If you can't decide what to buy, then just trust others who have already made their choice in our service. You can divide your daily investment in even portions into all the coins in the rating!

You can do it even with $1 a day!!

Financial freedom
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Setup a metamask wallet or use an already installed one. Connect your wallet to our service.
Top-up your balance using a card or stablecoins with a view to a daily purchase.
Observe the daily automatic purchase and the growth of the crypto portfolio
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market expert
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Some details
What is the minimum investment amount?
In fact, there is no limit on a daily investment, you can invest even $1 per month, but the recommended minimum investment is $1 per day, so your portfolio will simply grow faster. When replenishing with conventional payment systems, there is a minimum replenishment amount of 1000 rubles. You can deposit without limits using BUSD, USDT, and USDC stablecoins.
How much is the purchase fee? And what is the Creon cryptocurrency?
We do not charge fees when buying cryptocurrencies in the usual way, unlike other exchange offices. We charge 2% of the daily budget and use it to buy our own Creon cryptocurrency, which, like all other cryptocurrencies, is traded on the exchange, available for purchase/sale and withdrawal to your wallet. We are grateful to those users who buy it for more than 2%. We will definitely be drawing gifts among such users.
Where and how do you buy cryptocurrency?
We buy cryptocurrencies daily on the DEX exchange on Binance Smart Chain. We buy them in one lot for all users to lower the fee as much as possible. After the purchase, we distribute the purchased lot among the balances of project users.
When will the purchased cryptocurrency appear on my metamask wallet?
After we buy it, we store it on our wallet, but on the 1st day of each month we do a free automatic mailing and all cryptocurrency is sent to users' wallets. This is done to avoid any potential hacking, as centralized exchanges and large storage facilities are cleaned regularly. You can also withdraw the purchased balance of any currency to your wallet, but only with a fee of $0.2 per transaction upon request.
What cryptocurrency can I buy from you?
We are still working on the list, but the top 10 cryptocurrencies are already available, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, AVAX, etc.
Why daily investment and not just a one-time purchase of crypto?
The cryptocurrency market is very volatile. If you buy a cryptocurrency at once for the entire amount, we can't guarantee you that the price will not go down and you will not sell the cryptocurrency being disappointed by the money lost. Daily position averaging through daily purchases is the key to success for long-term investors. Watch this video starting from minute 8. You will get insight of the things.
Why metamask? Why not a simple exchange?
Metamask is secure and anonymous. It does not require registration, identity verification, sending passports, etc. In the modern world, metamask is the most accessible anonymous and decentralized wallet. The exchanges are vulnerable to being hacked, suspended, and banned. Everything that you have on the exchange waller is not yours, in fact. Metamask wallet allows you to securely store cryptocurrency for many years and be sure of its safety. To set it up, use the official site and if you have any difficulties, please consider reading an article on the portal.